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Follow Us. Spoiler Now let's talk about some other options and why I chose this particular gear gear. Veil of the Night's alternative? Out of the question. Zahndethus' Cassock. Another option would be Lightbane Raiment, or Solaris Lorica, but Lightbane is not worth it damage wise - 60 chaos damage per second is really not that much.

And we are kinda maxed on chaos resist thanks to the Cassock anyway. Shield : You could use thousand teeth or maligaro's lens, but all of them basically make you die to any spell while not providing any substantial reflect damage increase. Immortal flesh belt : Well, thats also kinda out of the question considering the life regen it gives and synergy with helm. I kinda felt that increased movement speed was nice but it's up to you really what boots you want.

Same goes for the second ring. Bandits: All passives. You will travel along passive tree a lot.

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Gem explanation: Spoiler Coming soon. The build is quite fun. One of the changes I will add is link one of the melee gems to cast on kill lightning warp. True AFK. Future upgrade includes Mjolner. This is how my character looks in-game. So can yours A: You should ask if Dominus is viable against this? Q: Is it Atziri viable? A: Why don't you find out for yourself.

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Q: Can I play it on Hardcore? A: Yes, but you might die a couple of times. Q: Why not take off Veil of the Night and make it a normal build with block?

A: Why not shut up? You just outheal it with insane life regen. I believe it is something like life regen transferred into energy shield regen. Every game should let you dual-wield shields. Not immediately, anyway. She blew out a shaky breath. His voice was a warm baritone, with a slight rasp that roughened it just enough to take the tone from mellow to something … more.

Did she look that haggard? Jaclyn squashed her initial annoyed reaction. She forced her fingers to unclench from both shirt and arm, and she took the necessary step back to put some distance between them. Abruptly she felt both overheated and overexcited. There were boys, and there were men. This was a man.

This was a man who had it, that indefinable quality of sex appeal, maturity, and strength all mingled together into a potent whole. He gave a slight smile, a nice and natural, easy curve of his lips.

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She liked that smile more than she should. In her line of business, Jaclyn met a lot of men; unfortunately, they were usually about to get married. Sorry I almost smashed you flat. The case had spun all the way across the wide hall, coming to a stop against the far wall. Before she could reach for it, a man in stained jeans and a dingy T-shirt stretched tight over an enormous beer belly laboriously bent down and picked up the case.

As she strode away down the hall she mused on how cockeyed that reasoning was, on a logical basis, but how rock solid it was on some gut-level feminine instinct. She hurried out to the parking lot, using her remote to unlock her steel-gray Jaguar just before she reached it. In almost one motion she opened the door, tossed her briefcase onto the passenger seat, and slid behind the wheel. As she turned the key with one hand, she was pulling the seat belt into place with the other. Jaclyn sighed. After all, weddings were her bread and butter. Nora Roberts. Power Play. The Great Escape. Perfect Touch.

Siren's Call. Born to Darkness. A Perfect Storm. Linda Howard. The Woman Left Behind. All The Queen's Men. Shadow Woman. Frost Line. Duncan's Bride.

To Die For. Kill and Tell. White Lies. Open Season. Now You See Her. After the Night. Diamond Bay digital. Cover of Night. Son of the Morning. Up Close and Dangerous. Touch of Fire, The. Dream Man. Shades of Twilight. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Killing Time. Come Lie With Me.

The Veil of Night: Poems by Emuobome Jemikalajah

Running Wild. Dying to Please. Blood Born. Midnight Rainbow.