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She has chaired and directed numerous national and international courses and seminars, and collaborated in doctoral programmes in Spanish and Latin American universities, the UIMP, the Centre for Constitutional Studies and the General Council of the Judiciary. She is also an advisor to the United Nations on Gender Policy. Introduction and translation by Lola Ferre Vol. He is undoubtedly the most important and prolific author in the history of medieval medicine.

His work, as varied and extensive as deep and interesting, has a great impact in the context of Jewish literature in general. Maimonides wrote his Commentary on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates about The commentary is preceded by an interesting prologue in which he explains the reasons that led him to write it: the importance of the author for his great wisdom; the difficulty of reading the work of Hippocrates, by knowing a series of premises that the reader does not know and, finally, because he considers that Hippocrates sometimes speaks in an unthinking or unordered way.

Hippocrates ca. With him began a new way of understanding health and disease as natural phenomena, placing reason as the main instrument at the service of man, in order to achieve not only health conservation, but also prevention and healing of disease. This first volume includes the treatises entitled Regimen of Health and Treatise on Hemorrhoids. The treatises contained in the other volumes are: Treatise on Asthma vol. Sadegh-Zadeh K. Anamnesis and diagnosis. In: Sadegh-Zadeh K, editor. Handbook of Analytic Philosophy of Medicine. Dordrecht: Springer; Quaternary prevention, addressing the limits of medical practice.

Overtreated: Why too much medicine is making us sicker and poorer: Bloomsbury New York; Quaternary prevention: reviewing the concept: Quaternary prevention aims to protect patients from medical harm. European Journal of General Practice. Poland health system review. Health Systems in Transition. Probl Med Rodz. Teaching and learning quaternary prevention. Medical overuse and quaternary prevention in primary care—A qualitative study with general practitioners. BMC family practice. Franken G. La Valle RA. Archivos de Medicina Familiar y General.

Overdiagnosis: how cancer screening can turn indolent pathology into illness. Quaternary prevention: Containment as an ethical necessity. Why is quaternary prevention important in prevention? Revista de saude publica. Department of Health E. The Belmont Report.

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Groth, C. Brevig, T. Mc Laughlin, B. Crossley, N. Laing and the british anti-psychiatry movement.

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    Desviat, M. Norte de salud mental, 25 , Triunfo, , Triunfo , , Dodgson, R. Druet, A. The transatlantic element: Psychoanalysis, exile, circulation of ideas and institutionalization between Spain and Argentina. Psychoanalysis and History , 14 2 , Esquerdo, J. Locos que no lo parecen. Madrid: El Liberal. Foucault, M.