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Scrape off jam mould or throw out the jar? Food safety myths explained

No more food related fear. No more labels.

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Welcome to my Blog I write a new blog almost daily! Provide yourself with enough nutrients to allow steadfast interaction with your environment. Try fulfilling the most fundamental reason to eat; nourishing yourself. Junk has taken over. This is because we concern ourselves with calories first and believe by maintaining a certain amount below a given number everything is hunky-dory.

And all the while we miss the real reason we eat, to obtain nutrients. And, for the most part, so will your health. Oh God, make your minds up!

Highly refined grains are used as the backbone in many junk foods. By avoiding them you will by default swerve many things that are best thrown away. They add little in the way of nutrients. In fact, are so lacking that synthetic vitamins and minerals are added.

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  • We live in a developed world of abundance. So much choice! Rye, spelt, buckwheat, kamut, sourdough more easily digested , the list goes on and on. Go on, get out of that rut! I think they emerged from a time of famine in brittle environments after we successfully wiped out most of the really large and tasty mammals symbiotic with the lush grasslands. Sprouting grains, i. Gluten is an example. Those robustly healthy may well be getting away with it.

    For now. Sugar is added to almost everything. Eating added sugars -often hidden within foods under one of over 68 different names- is an excellent way of becoming overweight and ill.

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    Nothing likes being prodded. Lots and lots of them. Avoid added sugars and you swerve junk foods. Can you see a pattern emerging?

    2. Start Using the Hunger-Fullness Scale

    Vegetable oils were brought into our lives in about when the processing of them became cheap. By , heart disease had become the biggest killer in the U. However, in developed countries , cancer is now the leading cause of death , due in part to an increase in prevalence alongside improvements in post-heart-attack emergency procedures , which are saving more lives. Sadly, vegetable oils are implicated in the development of cancer.

    A study of mice demonstrated double the malignancy in those given vegetable oil versus those given fish oil.

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    Another rodent study demonstrated the normal and healthy process of cell death apoptosis was prevented by the ingestion of corn oil, and as a result, colon cancer developed. Throw it away or use it on your bike chain! Canola , soybean , corn oil , safflower, and margarines , often hydrogenated and repeatedly heated , are not oily without modern processes.

    Those processes have made them cheap and ubiquitous. The major problem with these oils is that their precious, omega-6 polyunsaturated molecules are easily damaged in the extensive processing. This damage makes the molecules reactive and inflammatory. Do not eat this crap. That large plastic container of vegetable oil next to your stove right now? If you combine these three things — highly refined grains, added sugars, and vegetable oils — you get something like a doughnut.

    A doughnut is all smiles, taste explosions, and pretty boxes, but I kid you not: Foods like this will shorten your life and the quality of it.

    10 Principles of Intuitive Eating | Intuitive Eating

    Stop waiting until Monday or next month or Lent or whenever else to enact these changes. Do it today. Ask yourself what role these foods play in your life. Picture yourself in a few months. Sign in. Get started. Tim Rees Follow. Elemental Your life, sourced by science. A new Medium publication about health and wellness.