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A club'Uiil fetched me six chickens outen that cletch. Lincomiensi usitatissima. M chuuk to the poor bairns. It's very wet and clum down there. The ground's too clung to set owt. There's ten acres on it is clung ; it can't be clunger. The land's too wet and clung for turkeys. Don't swallow the cobs. The birds eat the cherries, and leave the cobs sticking on. Also a small stack or heap of com : as "They've no-but two wheat stacks and a little cob.

There's a many nasty coggles about.

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I just catched my foot against a coggle. It's the beautifullest coggle I ever seed, and the levellest.

We're just a-going to wash down the coggles. COKES, s. My daughter was collogued into it. It was her parents as collogued him up there. Why, you see, he was a come-by-chance ; she had him before she married old B. Come along, said usually to a loiter- ing child. I thought no other but what I'd come to my end, I doubt the old chap's come to his end.

She's gone to be company-keeper to old Mrs, S. He's confined labourer to Mr. The men that's regularly confined, they're the best off.

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  • COSH, 5. Her tail cots so with the dirt. His hair gets so cotted. The sheaves are quiet green and cotted. The 'tates are grown to a degree, real cotted together. The wheat was all cotted together in the bags. COT, 5. The roots were all of a cot ; The com had grown that length, and was all of a cot.

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    He travelled about a deal when he was young ; he wanted to see the course of the country. It's a good thing for young folk to leave home ; they get to know the course of the country. There's nine cowgates in our laens lanes. The bairns are so fond of getting cowladies. The children here have a rhyme, " Cowlady cay, Fly away. After most of the juice was pressed out, water nixed with the pulp to make an acid drink, sometimes, IPeny.

    As for Tiz, she crocked right out. Look, how my dress is crammed. What a crambly lot we are I He walks very crambly, I made the pig get up, but it seemed very crambling. How cranky the boy is! Shep fetched a cratch from the mester's. They each on 'em have a cratch. It's like a little creddle, she'll lig in it while she's three. CREE, V. I was just creeing some wheat for the herses. They cree the hinder ends for the pigs. So, "Cree'd Wheat" — Wheat simmered till it is.

    We've been cleaning out that crookled dyke. It's where there's that crookled chimney. They cut out a lot of crookled oak. The gate has been thrown ofl'tbe cnok. He took two or throe gates aS the rrnohs. CROP, r. They've been rrnfpti sin' mom. Toe has cropped them in the wood.

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    It's a posy the childer have croppri in the dyke. And with that I aoppcJ three roses. She brought me some cropped flowers yesterday, some giUivers.

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    When they began to crMswrop the land, they nerer did any more good. They don't all to cross-cui clay. I reckon the lass is a bit rr9s. They're oftens a bit cross-hctppling wi' her. You can do newt by cross-kcpplmg him.

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    CROW, s. As white as any crud. He only sold some culls. Jump into the cut, Jack, with thee thy new clothes on, and see what thee mother will say to thee. Eh, feyther, thou'rt a funny beggar. If any person shall at any time place any tunnel through any of the said drains or cuts, CUT, r.

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    I was cut when they came and tell'd me they were dead. I was real cut to think he should serve me so. It would cut them to come on the parish. I felt a bit cut about it. He was found hanging by his neck in a cut-house. CUTTS, 5. A horse attached to a pair of cutts took fright. He was fined for using a pair of cutts on the highway without having his name painted thereon. His Da heights him so. DA', or DAA. He's a 'dacious lad, that Bill T.

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    Owdacious and Dossity. They dachered a good bit on the way. They dachered the horses after they passed Lincoln. The Doctor has dachered agen their house. How daffy the bread is! Bread is bad for anyone when it is so daff. How she's dallach'd out! She's none of your dallaching lasses. I'm quiet dawUd out. The herses were strange and wouldn't eat, so they got daivUd on the road. DAWN, 5.