Manual SlobStopper: A Tale Of Successful Failure!

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The viral metaphor has been abused and misquoted until it lost all its meaning. People pass things around in the digital world for their own social reasons. Tap into those social reasons and you will be able to create a piece of content people want to share with others. All your traditional media offline and online has to be social: Feeding the social platforms you chose and feeding off them.

Social is not everything but everything is social. Brand positioning was born. In an age where brands are defined by people, brand positioning has lost its value. Modern brands have a point of view. A very strong point of view that will turn off many people and turn on your customers. The majority of objectives and goals are about media metrics, not your business goals. Real brand-agency partnerships look at the business holistically, not judge the performance by the media spreadsheet.

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Take your marketing hat off for a second: As a customer, would you like to get spammed Foursquare offers when you walk around a mall? Or do you want something useful, something that improves your life? Customers are not a walking wallet, they are a key stakeholder in the success of your company. My point: The more you try not to think about a challenge, the more it occupies your mind. Until this week. Until I had numerous conversations with brand marketers and agency folks about the new marketing reality. Finally, the majority of us was open to admit that we have a problem. Unless the Listen Up is capable of some fancy Fourier analysis for isolating specific sounds, and you can be sure that it is not, then he would bleed from the ears due to amplified crowd noise before ever hearing a single call.

The only reason his ears aren't bleeding is because, as the customer reviews can tell you, the piece of crap doesn't work. The problem that they are setting up for their product to solve seems to be emotional instability , not dirty cars. The novelty of the Powerjet is supposed to be the little compartment for adding soap. Soap wasn't car wash guy's problem. In fact, based on what we know about him so far, giving him more soap would risk driving him to psychosis and murder.

A subsequent dramatic collapse onto whatever happens to be available at the time is quite possible, and even likely. Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket. My twice baked potato recently posted Holiday Censorship.


You totally should have came up to Maitland Gaol. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Lisa recently posted rainy sunday. Because it kinda looks like the mouse king on the cover of your book. Or whatever it is. So I am sure that fifty people have probably already sent you this link, but if you have any way to watch British things, I think you really need to watch the story Sally Phillips narrates in this episode. Renee recently posted Kids? You decide. The only link that worked for me was the horrible taxidermy and the coin hijacking. How awesome is that waldo coin?! Even for you, that would be a stretch.

Shelley J recently posted Sticky songs. Ashley recently posted Is the friend zone real? By the way, have you seen the Doctor Who 50th anniversary mini-episodes? For those of us who have anxiety disorders, I feel like that tends to be our criteria for success in various situations. Did I die?

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Love the photo of you working the stripper pole in the kangaroo costume! Congrats for being brave. Your adventures in Australia made me furiously happy last week. More importantly, I am grateful you lived to share the Puking Kitty Gravy Boat so that it shall grace my table soon. Also, dibs on the fox holding the duck. That entering through the busted teeth thing really would freak me out.

I usually love carnival things…rides, creepy carnies, cotton candy…but that one might be more than I can handle. Part 1. Glad you had a good time here. We miss you already.

Missed you 2. Is that fox using the duck as a handbag? What the hell is the creature just before the duck wielding fox? Kisses, p. Oh well… next time?

Maybe you could dress as a koala and hug someone else who is dressed as a koala? Not quite the same? Oh well. The carnival is super cool. Thanks for coming to our little backward country, next time you should come to North Queensland, we will let you pretty much hold anything you like.

As long as you are willing to pay! Go figure!! I like the way THEY talk…..

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Loved the pics. T: recently posted The Job Factor. One of my oldest friends known him since 3rd grade, which was a LOOONG time ago who has quirks to rival yours posted this link to taxidermy on his FB today. Made me think of you. In other news, my big metal chicken survived the tornado-esque winds here in central IL yesterday we were spared the actual tornados. The chicken head bobbing in the wind it is mounted on a giant spring was marvelous but my darling hub insisted I seek cover rather than record it for posterity.

He fails to appreciate the sisterhood of KKMF big metal chicken…. Is there anything scarier than an abandoned amusement park. It is as if once the amusement leaves it is so traumatic to the area only irrational fear and terror can remain. Crazy — The Finale. Sharona Zee recently posted Babies Mine. I am so proud of you for facing your fears and having an amazing time!!

I must go see this creepy closed carnival!! Tara W recently posted Another Busy Week! I hope you rode around in a kangaroo pouch…in my opinion the best mode of transportation for seeing the sites. Kathleen recently posted Angel Oak.


I bet if it was that famous camel from the TV commercials, they would have just let him waltz right on board. Celebrities get to do whatever they want.