Manual Sento Dunque Sono Poesia (Italian Edition)

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My reputation! Do you want to ruin it? I'm going! He hurries off. They embrace passionately. The waiter brings the bill. ALL The bill! Si ode avvicinarsi un suon di tamburi. Drums are heard approaching. No more money? That way! Make way! I want to hear! Paga il signor che stava qui con me. Tonio, la vuoi finire? The gentleman who was with me will pay.

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Tonio, stop that at once! Papa, I want to hear. Stop that at once! Look out, here they are! Il tambur maggior! Ecco il tambur maggior! Pare un general! Il bel tambur maggior! La canna d'or, tutto splendor! Che guarda, passa, va! Cuor biricchin!

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Gloria ed onor, onor e gloria del Quartier Latin! Tutti si mettono in coda alla ritirata e si allontanano. Alcindoro torna con un paio di scarpe; il cameriere gli presenta i conti.

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  6. Pasolini, Shakespeare, Buffoni – Sogno da matrimonio eterosessuale.

Prouder than an ancient warrior! The drum-major! Let's run off! The Sappers, hooray!


Here's the drum-major! Like a general! The Tattoo is here! Here he is, the handsome drum-major! The golden baton, all a-glitter! See, he looks at us as he goes past! Artful minx! Glory and honour, the glory and honour of the Latin Quarter! The handsomest man in France, the drum-major! Here he is! Since Musetta cannot walk with only one shoe, Marcello and Colline carry her on their shoulders. They all follow the guards and disappear.

Alcindoro comes back with a new pair of shoes, and the waiter hands him the bill.

When he sees the amount and sees nobody around, Alcindoro falls, bewildered, onto a chair. Certi doganieri dormono avanti ad un braciere. Dal cabaret, ad intervalli, grida, risate. Dietro la cancellata chiusa, battendo i piedi dal freddo, stanno alcuni spazzini. Quelli di Gentilly! Siam gli spazzini. Fiocca la neve.

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Qui s'agghiaccia! At left, a tavern. A small square flanked by plane trees.