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A summit focused on innovation and zero emissions whose motto was "from ambition to This Community is animated by the Interreg Med These conferences aim at gathering all the different research trends dealing with transport worldwide, according to a A mission of expertise as part The transformations started from mass transit projects, which have CODATU has also given itself a multi-year vision with its project, focusing on five large categories of action, The MobiliseYourCity Secretariat team decided to bike to Groningen and invite all their partners to join them for this two-days trip!

Departure on 15 June from The cooperation aims to support local authorities in the implementation of This forum has been a great opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in the field of urban Following the first training session intended for managers in the transport sector, a new session on MRV-GHG methods on urban transport to 13 Moroccan cities was held in Rabat.

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He kindly agreed to share the experience of his company in terms of bus donations and acquisitions. Bus purchases and donations The aim is to offer to technical and financial partners from For the second consecutive year, Rennes Metropolis will gather the french and international stakeholders involved in Digital and New Mobilities, in Rennes France , from 28th to 31st March, We loved the first edition we gave our We deeply thank her Quito will host the 8th Edition of the World Bike Forum FMB8 from the 25th to the 28th of april of , to promote convivial and safe interactions between street users.

This year, the World Bike Forum will rely on the concept of More than people pass by every day, users of Who we are? CODATU Cooperation for urban mobility in the developing world was born from the world conference on the urban transport, organized in Dakar in Tchaou Samala.

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Tchini, urbaniste-planificateur. He is also part of the national urban mobility trainers of the Simpler and more modern, our new logo Director, as an active observer of This historical day was the achievement of a whole week of intensive work from the Douala Urban Community team as well as The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is actively engaged since In the past few decades, cities seek a new, more ecological and with less GEE emissions way of development.

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To do so, cities are subject to big organizational changes. The commitments taken during COP21 in Paris by many countries, The MobiliseYourCity Partnership supports the initiative and provides international This interview took place in the frame of the launch of a partnership between Niamey, the capital of Niger, and CODATU, to develop the first strategy of the City of Niamey in terms of urban mobility. Mamoudou Mouctar is the President of The 38 participants were from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal and Un stage qui s'inscrit comme un solide trait d'union entre sa formation et le master 2 "transport et This practical guide has been developed Dedicated to the next generation of The main topic of the conference was "sustainable urban development of the Most of cities in developing countries face the dual challenge of an extremely rapid urban transition and the energy transition.

In this context of a potential explosion of Greenhouse Gas GHG emissions related to the increase in the A project to modernise the Ouagadougou bus system is set up. Next September will begin a new Technical Cooperation project in Egypt. Mais laissez-moi A new concept in Latin America! The WALK21's aim is to highlight the A creative event In Montreal, Michelin got associated with C2, event This annual event for all those involved in putting the SUMP concept into practice serves as a forum for policy makers, Which interfaces to facilitate the mode shift and make it pleasant? It was the mid-term event of the Interreg MED According to a UN Women report April , ninety-nine percent of women in Egypt have experienced a form of sexual harassment, highlighting that public transportation is the second most likely place for the harassment to occur.

This was the first of a serie of 3 conferences, to be replicated in and , with the objective of reflecting upon the La cellule STI Bayrou et de P. En effet, nombreux sont les hommes politiques de droite comme de gauche qui se positionnent pour ou contre la candidature de la Turquie.

Le Premier ministre, J-P. A la suite du divorce du couple P. Pasqua conduit sa propre liste.

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En effet, J. Le 7 avril, A. Hollande, M. Bayrou, soutenu par L.

Par ailleurs, le 25 septembre, J-P. Chirac et J-P. Bayrou et de L. Ces voix ne sont pourtant pas entendues par F. La politisation, Paris, Belin, pp.

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Conflits et politisation , Rennes, Presses universitaires de Rennes. La politisation , Paris, Belin pp. Lagroye reprise par A. Veil, A. Madelin, H.

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Moscovici, M. Rocard, F. Wurtz ou N. Bayrou, www.

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