e-book No 2: How to help your child to revise and achieve in school (Rosies Life Guides)

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This us my least favorite subject to teach. My background is more in the sciences and yet I know that writing forces one to think so I really want to work in this area yet not make it a dreaded subject. I absolutely LOVE writing. They write essays as often as it comes up in their grammar and composition text, they complete book reports orally and write one-page daily in their journals.

I edit their papers but only require them to rewrite their essays, not their journal entries. Just food for thought! And thank you for your comment! Love this! My girls are 7, 5 and 1. Maybe if I could see it in front of me I could understand it better. I just wanted to have that clarified.

So during English I have them either working in their phonics OR grammar, not both.

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Darci, this is my style. The more children I have to homeschool, the more I need to simplify. Thanks for the idea! How do you use the Speller and Grammar book listed for ? It sounds fabulous! I do love workbooks so that there is some independent work going on, but this post has given me ideas to simplify more, yet in other ways raise the bar for the children!

Btw, love the Robert Hugh Benson books! He was a great man! Awesome and non mom intensive! Just discovered your blog and YouTube vlogs! Thoroughly enjoying! Highly entertaining! God bless! An additional question: how do you use the two spelling books in grade school? Does one cover certain grades and the other cover the rest? I am completely sold on the idea of one or two books for all grades. We not only need to economize, but simplify. In your vlog, you say you go somewhere to do school work.

May I ask where you guys go? The library? Thank you for sharing your day, you are such an inspiration! We were going to the library but my daughter got a job working during those hours. My children really enjoyed it so I would like to get back to doing that again in the future.

Download PDF No 2: How to help your child to revise and achieve in school (Rosies Life Guides)

Hey there! Wannabe minimalist mama of soon-to-be 7, All under ten-years-old here. I love your YouTube channel and have watched some of the videos multiple times. Especially the schedules one. Which leads to my question. Thanks so much! Again, your videos are inspiring. Thank you for your posts, both here and on YouTube. We are homeschooling six out of our nine children at the moment. So I can learn a lot from you. Again great information in this post.

It is hard to let go of not fitting inside any grade box that the institutions have established.

Everybody wants to show us how wrong we are to homeschool but when they see how happy we are together and that kids as young as 9 or 7 have the chance to dig deep in their passion, they finally leave us alone!!!! One thing I am learning from you is to lighten up and really take time to smell the roses!!!! And we get so much more done when everybody is happy!!!! Thanks again from Guatemala!!! As a cradle Catholic, I had never read the Baltimore Catechism. I was going to purchase a used copy after your recommendation, but holy cow.

It is expensive.

“Be ready to get lucky.”

Major bummer. Love your videos. Love your blog. Thank you so much for being such a good influence on this mom of 3 teens. Thank you for your videos and posts. This is exactly what I have been searching for as a Catholic, wanna-be minimalist mother of three children ages 2, 5 and 7 from the Pacific Northwest.

So thankful I found you. Hey Darci! I love watching your videos.

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My dream is to live the way you and your family are living. So simple and traditional. I love, love, love rod and staff english so I figure I might feel the same about their math. One deciding factor… Can Rod and staff be used independently? Thanks in advance! Gretchen Rodriguez.

I am interested in my daughter taking online college courses, but navigating this area is overwhelming. What school did your daughter use? Darci, I love your blog and you tube channel! Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and thought for us. I currently have 5 children 12 and under and struggle to get all their school work done plus house work and farm life…. This article opens my mind toa whole new way of life!

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I wish for very few things, and those few I wish for very little. I have almost no desire, and if I were to begin life again, I should wish to have none at all. Our Minimal Homeschool Pre-reading instruction is wider than the whole world. Beechick Once my child shows an interest in learning to read, we review the sounds of the letters on the pronunciation chart and then practice reading from one of the Little Angel Readers or the God is Good series. Beechick WRITING Using the natural method when learning to write, intertwines reading, penmanship, grammar, composition, spelling, vocabulary, history and literature.

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The following is a list of resources for both money management and college-prep options. Happy homeschooling! Darci says:. Tandra says:. Hannah Gonzalez says:. Ingrid says:. Bernie says:.