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Sadly, violence in the workplace is on the rise you can blame the bad economy. Avalos, a year-old California day laborer, was doing some landscaping when his year-old boss Woo Sung Park told him he was working too slowly. He hit Park in the back of head with his shovel six or seven times … before switching over to a pick axe.

Police arrived on the scene and were able to subdue him. While Avalos later admitted to using methamphetamine prior to work that day, he did maintain at his April sentencing that he felt Park was going to physically attack him. Natavia S. Lowery murdered Linda Stein in October Lowery was working for Stein as her personal assistant when the celebrity real estate broker was found in a pool of blood on the floor of her Manhattan apartment.

A murder weapon was never recovered, but prior to recanting, Lowery, then 28, confessed to beating Stein with a yoga stick. She said that the former manager of The Ramones, who was battling breast cancer at the time, called her a racial slur and blew marijuana smoke into her face. She was sentenced on May 3 to 25 years to life. Russell Carter murdered Kingsley Monk in October :. The disgruntled truck driver or lorry driver, as this murder took place in the U. At the end of a brutal four-hour ordeal, Carter beat Monk with a pipe and strangled him to death with his own tie.

He also tried to kill t hree other workers who were unfortunate enough to show up to work that day by dousing them, a la Reservoir Dogs, with gasoline and setting the building on fire.

My Boss Was Killing Me… One Brain Cell at a Time - BIZCATALYST °

The employees managed to escape. Their survival made it difficult for Carter to deny guilt, but he did invoke insanity in an effort to reduce his conviction to manslaughter. Judge Nicolas Cooke sentenced him to 30 years in prison one month later. Yolanda Saldivar murdered Selena Quitanilla Perez in Back in , Selena, 23, was queen of the Tejano music scene and Saldivar, 34, was president of her fan club. She shot her instead.

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Selena was immortalized in a movie by the same name, starring then-unknown Jennifer Lopez. Saldivar received a life sentence.

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  8. Jessica Dayton murdered Curtis Bailey in July Now sympathetic to Rex, the trio agrees to work with him in the fake kidnapping, and all four devise a plan to outsmart the police and take the ransom money, utilizing untraceable phones, a basement garage to block out any tracking signal, and Kurt disguising himself as Bert. While the plan is in motion, Nick, Dale, and Kurt find that Kurt left Bert his own phone instead of the untraceable one.

    They nevertheless call Bert on Kurt's phone to give him the instructions. Before they leave, Julia arrives at their hotel room and demands to sleep with Dale or else she will report them for breaking into her office. Dale's wife Stacy, whom Dale has three daughters with, arrives and believing Dale is cheating on her with Julia, storms off. Dale angrily locks Julia in the bathroom so the three can leave. However, Bert is killed by Rex , who reveals that, after seeing that his father did not care about him, he decided to kill Bert and frame Nick, Dale, and Kurt in order to inherit the family business.

    Real Business Owners,

    Rex forces Kurt to switch pants as Rex's pants have Bert's blood on them. As the trio are about to be cornered by the police, Jones arrives, as he anticipated that the three would be betrayed and killed and was seeking to claim the ransom money for himself.

    He attempts to help them get back to the warehouse where Rex is supposed to be tied up, with the police chasing them before Rex does so they can prove their innocence. When they get back to the warehouse, Jones escapes with the money and the police arrive to find Rex tied up. Before the police arrest Nick, Dale, and Kurt, Kurt's phone rings in Rex's pocket, and the police recognize the ringtone as the same phone that was left to Bert by the kidnappers.

    Stop Killing Yourself For A Boss Who Doesn't Deserve You

    Rex tries to claim the phone is his, but when Hatcher asks why Rex did not bother to call the police if he had a phone, Rex takes Hatcher hostage. Dale attempts to attack Rex, but Rex shoots him, which distracts Rex long enough for Hatcher to subdue and arrest him.

    A few days later, Dale wakes up in the hospital to find out the three did get in trouble, but because Dale helped save Hatcher's life, the police dropped the charges. He also finds out Julia helped make amends with Stacy, although she hints at having had sex with him during his coma and promises to have sex with his wife as well.

    In the aftermath, their business goes into foreclosure but is subsequently purchased by Harken in prison, who allows the three of them to stay employed. Jones, meanwhile, uses the ransom money to invest in Pinkberry. Following the first film 's release in July , director Seth Gordon confirmed that talks were underway for a sequel due to the financial success of the film in the United States, saying: "Yeah, we've definitely discussed it.

    It's done well in the States, the film has, so that's becoming a more concerted effort now, we're trying to figure out what the sequel could be. In August , it was announced that Gordon would not be returning to direct because of scheduling conflicts and that the studio was actively searching for a replacement. Principal photography took place in Burbank, California [11] between September [12] and June The first trailer was released on September 30, On September 27, , it was announced that the film would be released on November 26, The film was released in 3, theaters in the United States and Canada on November 26, The site's critical consensus reads, " Horrible Bosses 2 may trigger a few belly laughs among big fans of the original, but all in all, it's a waste of a strong cast that fails to justify its own existence.

    Justin Lowe of The Hollywood Reporter said, "The jokes start growing stale well before the film's midpoint. It's also cringingly unfunny. But it is infinitely dumber and not half as funny. Kyle Smith of the New York Post gave one out of four stars, saying "Duct tape, thick rope and the threat of being shot all figure prominently in Horrible Bosses 2. Micheli was previously arrested on April 27, , by the Secret Service after driving his car to a White House checkpoint and refusing requests to move.

    After six years working at Midtown, Manhattan clothing design firm Hazan Imports, Johnson was laid off. He returned to the design firm with a. Once he got there, NYPD officers confronted him, and a shootout erupted.

    Nine people were hurt, while Johnson was shot dead. Knowing she'd recently been in some dangerous situations, he welcome her to come live with him.

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    She returned the favor by mixing sleeping pills in his beer, binding his hands and feet with zip-ties, and sawing his head nearly off. McLinn's defense attorneys argued that dissociative identity disorder was to blame, and that McLinn had as many as four different personalities - one of whom, named Alyssa, was the actual killer.