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Following the rapid development of High-Court jurisdiction, especially at the EU-level, we notice a setting of methodological standards that cannot be comprehended by the guidelines of classical interpretation. As jurisprudence is a practical discipline and as legal practice has developed its own inner dynamics, the role of legal theory becomes a matter of increasing necessity.

Dabei kann man die Frage betonen auf dem ein! Recht und auf dem ein Recht! Platt gefragt: Was ist Recht, was macht Recht aus? Es gibt bisher keinen problemlosen Begriff des Rechts.

Is there a law? One can emphasise the question as follows: is there a law, or is there a law. In blunt terms: what is law; what constitutes law? There has never been a problem-free concept of law. What we have are all sorts of connecting factors and all sorts of aspects, in other words, a tohu-bohu. Thus the question arises, as to how a scientific theory can best address such a phenomenon. This contribution looks at the history of the history of law or, in more exact terms, at a controversy relating to rhetorical influences on Roman law.

The question is: how do the authors set a boundary between law and rhetoric? Der Beitrag versucht zu verdeutlichen, warum es in Ordnung ist, von Rechtsfindung, Rechtserkenntnis und Rechtsanwendung zu sprechen.

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The contribution attempts to illustrate why it is appropriate to speak of finding, re-cognising and application, or applying, of the law. Reservations have been articulated about this use of language as a consequence of ontologically sceptical assumptions, which raise doubts as to the level of reality contained in these terms.

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However, there is no reason to do so. Die Intentionen Max Webers, den wissenschaftlichen Diskurs von starker politischer Beeinflussung freizuhalten, behalten freilich ihren Sinn. Zwischen Selbstbehauptungsstrategien und Steuerungsillusionen. Between self-assertion strategies and illusions of control. Remarks concerning the financial crisis.

The present world economic crisis, triggered by the bursting of the real estate bubble in the USA, not only illustrates the risks of worldwide risk distribution — the securitisation and international trading of subprime loans — and thus the danger of the globalisation of opaque systems created from complex investment products itself a topic worthy of further investigation by system theoreticians ; it also once again reveals the limited powers of the state both as regards prevention and in the ongoing handling of the crisis.

There are certain limits to know-how, deficits in implicit knowledge that the state, as a consequence of its desire to assert itself, is not able to recognise; these however form practically insuperable barriers between function systems such as politics, law, science and economics and mean that the desire for control becomes for the most part utopian in nature.

Regardless of this, expectations are numerous that the state will provide solutions to problems: expectations that it regards as thrust upon it by its citizens and that it — out of weakness — inexorably accommodates. It is impossible to investigate all these relationships simultaneously. From there, we can add such new knowledge to the already accumulated knowledge of the phenomenon, which in turn may lead to better insights into the web of relationships as a whole. Mein Problem ist: Ich kann diese Schimpansen nicht leiden. Weniger die Tiere an sich, die sind mir egal, aber ihr Auftauchen als Joker-Argument in wissenschaftlichen Abhandlungen.

No fundament but a few possible perspectives for future research. This article presents an empirical legal study in the field of property theory. I take as my point of departure the perspective of exclusion. Such a basic perspective falls short, however, when we conceptualize the exceptions from the exclusion rule. In this respect, a diversified set of considerations and concerns claims attention, including the nature of the relationship between the possessor and the object in question. This research digs into the new achievements in the fields of economics and life sciences, investigating the validity and relevance of arguments which may be derived from the possessor-object dimension.

The findings suggest a differentiated view on how people comprehend various situations of possession, and the article proposes a gradual theoretical model for shaping and managing the legal concept of property in this respect. Finally, I indicate some practical legal topics which may take advantage of the model e.

Die Lehren Carl Schmitts haben wieder einmal Hochkonjunktur. Insbesondere sein von der Unterscheidung zwischen Freund und Feind bestimmter Begriff des Politischen und die Idee vom Ausnahmezustand, in dem das Recht der Normallage nicht gelte, sind derzeit aktuell. Die Reaktualisierung ist vor allem der Kriegsrhetorik geschuldet, die sich im Kampf gegen den internationalen Terrorismus etabliert. Dabei droht die Ausnahme zur Regel zu werden. Der Versuch zielt darauf ab, den Begriff der Gerechtigkeit aus den Operationen des Rechtssystems selbst zu entwickeln und setzt an der formalen Konsistenz rechtlicher Entscheidungen an.

Niklas Luhmann – 2018 – Denken als Differenz (Systemtheorie der Gesellschaft)

Vielfach ist Luhmanns Theorie daher ihr vermeintlicher Verlust der Einzelfallgerechtigkeit vorgeworfen worden. Im Jahrhundert ist eine spezifisch normative Integration der westlichen Zivilisation zusammengebrochen, womit auch die darauf zugeschnittenen Paradigmen ihre Substanz verloren haben. Das sind, leicht zugespitzt, die Kernthesen des Buches, mit dem Harold J. Interviews with 19 judges enrich these data with insights into the social and institutional context of judicial decision making in the Grand Chamber.

The fact that a big, tacit social contract crumbles into a multitude of tiny explicit contracts, which govern a load of social duties, relationships and behaviours, is a striking and enigmatic phenomenon. Formen und Funktion des Verwaltungsvertrags in der fragmentierten Gesellschaft. Taking the viewpoint of the civil law tradition, which has traditionally assumed that the legitimacy of the administration is state-derived, this text recognises the constant decline of state sovereignty in modern times and consequently the increasing diffusion of the state into society. Dealing with this phenomenon, administrative law needs to address the fundamental question of how law can sustainably support the unity of a society where the state administration and the various parts of society it has to govern are strange to each other and at the same time depending on mutual ad-hoc cooperation time and again.

General Principles of International Law have been a much contested source among International Law scholars. The ambiguity that surrounds their interpretation has resulted to a vivid dialogue around their legal nature, and their use in contemporary judicial practice of domestic and international tribunals.

Books cover the world and behave towards it like the protecting cover protects its book.

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  • In combination with an increase of environmental complexity, law is impacted strongly. It is quantitatively extended, thereby losing its normative power. A globalization of world conditions enters the situation as a new factor. Law is now able to face politics more strongly from a basis of legitimization that is independent from politics. So sieht es auf den ersten Blick aus.

    At least, at a first glance. A second look reveals more and something very different: in its core, the tragedy is the tragedy of having to make decisions. Danach wird private Selbstorganisation durch staatliche Drohung mit ordnungsrechtlichen Pflichten erzwungen. Dieses Modell liefert die Systemtheorie. On appropriate constructions of an Environmental Law phenomenon. It needs to be replaced by an interpretation which accentuates the efficiency of autonomous private organisation.

    This interpretation is provided by the theory of social systems. Besprechung von: Christian Schauer, Aufforderung zum Spiel. Eigentliches Ziel der Arbeit ist es, Foucaults Beitrag zur Rechtsgeschichte und —soziologie zu beleuchten.

    Schuld und Nutzenargumente in der thomistischen Morallehre des Mit dieser heute noch aktuellen Frage hatten sich bereits die Theologen und Juristen im Spanien des Jahrhunderts auseinanderzusetzen: Darf der Richter im Prozess aufgrund falscher Zeugen wider besseres Wissen einen Unschuldigen zum Tode verurteilen?

    Among them were those magistrates whom the Romans called praetores. The exact nature of the tasks fulfilled and of the functions performed by the praetors with respect to the Roman law and its development, however, remains considerably less clear. This article presents a reconstruction of the tasks and functions of the praetors in the Roman republic by drawing on the accounts of the Roman historian Livy for the years to B.

    Instead, it suggests that the main praetorian functions consisted in providing a structural coupling of the Roman legal system with its environment as well as in facilitating legal dogmatics. Most modern states have adopted written and rigid constitutions. The existence of a constitution presupposes a constituent power, distinguished from other constituted powers, created by the constitution itself, and a constituent power presupposes the ability of a society to develop its capacity to act as a collective, in order to gain or regain an active role in the organization of the lives of individuals and their social relationships with one another.

    For Pan-Arabism defenders, the Arab nation exists as a cohesive group with its own unique characteristics, deriving from a common language, history and traditions. The ethnic concept of nation initially helped to justify an Arab revolution against other Muslims, but it was unable to distinguish individual Arab peoples or justify territorial Arab states.