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Be the first to find out about upcoming exhibitions, documentary screenings, panel discussions, and other special events! Born on July 22, , Lazarus is best known for writing The New Colossus, the poem emblazoned on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

e-book Jewish Treats: 99 Fascinating Jewish Personalities

Our twilight tour will pass by the gorgeous brownstone home where she wrote her most famous poem, the art studios and publication houses of her literary friends, and the almost-hidden cemetery of her family's congregation. Along the way, Annie Polland, Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society will tell the story of this gifted and fascinating woman and the changing city that inspired and motivated her. We will end at the Center for Jewish History, where we will see Emma Lazarus' handwritten manuscript of The New Colossus , and celebrate her life with birthday cake.

Our popular walking tour is back! Enjoy a storied stroll along Ladies Mile, a nine-block stretch once known for posh department stores and architectural grandeur.

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Join Esther Crain, writer of the award-winning Ephemeral New York blog , and author of The Gilded Age in New York, , as she weaves in Jewish stories and Gilded Age tales about the people and places that once populated these historic blocks. Emma Lazarus' birthday tour on July 22 has sold out-so we are giving a reprise tour and celebrating it again on August 8th! Meet at the Center for Jewish History's lobby at pm. This talk with author Julie Salamon and Warren Bass, Senior Editor at The Wall Street Journal, revisits the hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the brutal murder of passenger Leon Klinghoffer, which became a flashpoint in the intractable struggle between Israelis and Palestinians.

Come learn about the geopolitical and personal consequences flowing from this shocking act of international terrorism that thrust an ordinary man into history and reshaped the destiny of three families. There are few subjects in American life that prompt more discussion and controversy than immigration. But do we really understand it? Drawing on his own experience as an Indian-born teenager growing up in New York City and on years of reporting around the world, Mehta subjects the worldwide anti-immigrant backlash to withering scrutiny.

As he explains, the West is being destroyed not by immigrants but by the fear of immigrants. Mehta juxtaposes the phony narratives of populist ideologues with the ordinary heroism of laborers, nannies, and others, from Dubai to Queens, and explains why more people are on the move today than ever before. As civil strife and climate change reshape large parts of the planet, it is little surprise that borders have become so porous.

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Impassioned, rigorous, and richly stocked with memorable stories and characters, This Land Is Our Land is a timely and necessary intervention, and a literary polemic of the highest order. Currently on display at the Center for Jewish History, the exhibition When The Door Closed, They Carried the Torch addresses advocacy in the age of Immigration restriction, exploring how Jewish individuals and organizations continued to help immigrants in the s, s and s. Boxes filled with photographs, journals, letters, and documents.

Boxes filled with stories.

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Come see what we find! Join us for our new series, Out of the Box. But that day in , his year-old daughter Jaime was one of 17 people killed by a gunman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Jewish Treats: 99 Fascinating Jewish Personalities

Fred is now devoting his life to urgently advocating for stricter gun control and public safety laws. A native of Long Island, Fred says his Jewish upbringing instilled in him a commitment to family, service, and standing up for others.

In the s, American attorney Alfred H. Moses was approached on the streets of Bucharest by young Jews desperate to emigrate from Communist Romania to Israel.

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Helping them became his mission. In , Ward documented his first White Nationalist Rally, and since then has been working to expose and respond to bigoted violence across the country through empowering community organization. Ward emphasizes that in order to understand the threat posed by the rapidly growing white nationalist movement in the United States today, we must first come to terms with the centrality of antisemitism to white nationalist ideology. Together these panelists will pull on the threads that connect past and present, and help us begin the process of unraveling the prevalence antisemitism, and bigotry more broadly, in America.

Dear Erich is inspired by newly discovered letters written in Germany between and by Herta Rosenthal to her son Erich, the composer's father. Dear Erich tells a refugee story for our times. How can a family cope as the walls of their nation's hatred close in around them? For those who escape, what lies ahead? Even in the land of the free, are they ever really free? What if they never learn the fate of loved ones left behind and the communications just stopped?

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What does closure mean, why does remembrance matter, where does hope come from? Erich, a Jewish academic, escaped Nazi Germany to the U. The opera tells the story of a family's dual fates. Frustrated and powerless to help them emigrate, Erich must live with deep survivor guilt which affects him in his relationships with his wife and children. Dear Erich addresses these themes — walls and wars, refugees and immigrants, survivors and victims, the promise of a new world.

Dear Erich asks what is found when a survivor forms a new family, and what gets lost when the next generation is untethered to the past? The opera's scenes of immigration and refugees in crisis raise moral dilemmas that resound to this day. Finally, Dear Erich stands for the power of remembrance, not just to honor the past but also to root us in the present and chart our future. Based on the book by Gabrielle Simon Edgcomb, the film tells the little-known story of two very different cultures, sharing a common burden of oppression.

In the s, German universities were some of the first targets of Nazi activity. Jewish professors and intellectuals who were able to immigrate to the United States faced an uncertain future. Confronted with antisemitism at American universities and a public distrust of foreigners, a surprising number sought refuge in a most unlikely place — the traditionally black colleges in the then- segregated South. Securing teaching positions, these scholars came to form lasting relationships with their students, and went on to significantly impact the communities in which they lived and worked.

Nineteen years after the film was originally released, the filmmakers, Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher, feel its message —that more binds us together than separates us - must be heard. Moderator: Atina Grossman Cooper Union. This talk celebrates the new groundbreaking work of two social historians on Iranian Jewish life and community in the 20 th century between immigrations and diasporas in Iran, Israel, and the US, and paying tribute to the work of HIAS in helping Jews immigrate and resettle in the US in the years post the revolution in Iran. A groundbreaking history of the practice of Jewish name changing in the 20th century, this book showcases just how much is in a name.

This first history of name changing in the United States offers a previously unexplored window into American Jewish life throughout the twentieth century. A Rosenberg by Any Other Name demonstrates how historical debates about immigration, antisemitism and race, class mobility, gender and family, the boundaries of the Jewish community, and the power of government are reshaped when name changing becomes part of the conversation.

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Read more about this in the AJHS blog. As a professor of philosophy at Yale, a scholar of propaganda, and the child of World War II Jewish Refugees, Jason Stanley understands how democratic societies can be vulnerable to fascism. In a fascinating First Person conversation, Stanley speaks with journalist Peter Beinart about the ten pillars of fascist politics, the recurring patterns he sees, and how his own family history influences his world view today. Join us for an all-day conference on immigration in historical and contemporary perspectives.

Immigration made America and its Jews. The move towards restriction and the aftermath of the s legislation left long shadows across the history of both the nation and the Jews of the world. Beginning in the early twentieth century, as the forces in favor of restriction began to gather political clout, American Jews, on their own and in conjunction with allies, including other immigrant groups, sought ways to protest and soften restriction. After they likewise attempted to circumvent and then rewrite the racially-based laws. Historians will explore the Jewish stake in immigration as an historical matter and will in the course of that exploration ask about the contemporary moment as immigration once again roils the political landscape.

See the Full Conference Schedule Here. On the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the St. Eighty years ago, in early June of , the St. Louis , a passenger ship carrying people — almost all of them Jews fleeing Nazi Germany — was denied entry into both Cuba and the United States. With no refuge in sight, the St. Louis was forced to sail back to Europe. The fates of its passengers, however, remained an unsolved mystery for over sixty years. Louis Passengers and the Holocaust, the story of their search for the St.