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Mistress Lily is gone for the day, and Poppy hopes she'll hurry home. Then Mistress Lily doesn't come back on time—something must be wrong! With the help of their flying ponies, Poppy and her friends set off to find out what's happened to their teacher. They discover a magical creature and a mysterious enchantment! Suzanne Williams sometimes jumps on her bed, but she never monkeys around when it comes to her writing. She is also the author of the Princess Power series. Suzanne Williams lives in Renton, Washington. Fluttering her wings, Poppy flew up to the balcony inside Cloverleaf Cottage and settled at her desk beside her best friend, Daisy.

Their teacher, Mistress Lily, was gone for a day, and everyone was curious to meet the substitute teacher. Before Daisy could reply, a tall fairy with a long, thin nose strode to the front of the classroom. Her black hair was streaked with gray, and she wore a long, black dress. She leaned against the balcony railing and eyed all eight junior fairies. Poppy gulped. The new teacher might have good hearing, but it didn't sound like she had much of a sense of humor.

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Mistress Lily, on the other hand, was as good-natured as she was beautiful. She laughed at the things Poppy said. An excited hum ran through the classroom. A plump fairy with a round face and curly hair, Marigold liked to decorate her wings to go with her outfits. Today her wings shimmered with glittery gold stars that matched the color of her hair and her sparkly gold dress. Poppy had a feeling Marigold would be really good at dressmaking. Mistress Petuniapassed out pictures of dresses.

Make the gowns to fit yourselves. We don't have space for human-size gowns. Daisy tugged at one of her thick blond pigtails. She also wore golden shoes with ankle straps. She was wearing her favorite outfit too: a sleeveless green dress with touches of white lace and a scalloped hem, and pointed green dance slippers with poppies on the toes. Pixies love the color green, and Poppy was half pixie.


All fairy helpers needed to be good at gown making. It was something they did a lot of. Poppy ran a finger over her wand. It was gold and sparkled with emeralds She and Daisy looked through their pictures. Poppy held up a photo of a simple, but elegant, sleeveless dress.

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She showed Poppy a picture of a dress with puffy sleeves, a flowing skirt, and a belt. The two friends started on their dresses. Right away Poppy's wand slipped through her fingers and clattered to the floor. Mistress Petunia looked up from a fairy magazine and glared at her. Poppy took a deep breath and tried again. Finally she was able to whip up some fabric. The fabric she had created was a beautiful, shiny blue. Poppy started on the top half of her gown. Everything was going fine, until she flicked her wand too wildly. It took her several tries to shrink the neck and finish the dress.

Unfortunately, it didn't look much like the one in the picture. Stacy rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Alexa rated it really liked it Dec 04, Aica rated it really liked it Mar 07, Vibhuti rated it it was amazing May 18, Ariella rated it really liked it Jul 28, Shelly marked it as to-read Oct 24, Karen added it Jun 12, Shawna marked it as to-read Jan 25, Neveen marked it as to-read Mar 29, Ambermonkey added it Sep 28, Igraine added it Nov 07, Winda Fabiola marked it as to-read Mar 29, Kristen Trisha marked it as to-read May 15, Patty R.

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