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While these are not exhaustive lists, they do convey the truth that dreams and visions were not unusual or unlikely in Bible times, and the same is true today. God continues to speak to His people in this fashion. For Spirit-led believers, these prophetic moments can be opportunities to redirect, refocus and reconnect to the plans and purposes of their heavenly Father.

The significance of end-of-life dreams and visions | Nursing Times

Of course, not every dream and vision is from the Lord. The enemy, whose purpose is to destroy and cause havoc, will try to lead you astray with false revelations.

If a dream or vision tries to convince you of something contrary to the Word of God, it is not from the Lord. He will never contradict His Word.

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It will never change or become irrelevant. Therefore, we can hold it up as the absolute truth by which we judge our dreams and visions.

If what we dream or envision contradicts the Word, it is false and not to be trusted. If a dream or vision comes from the Lord, it only stands to reason that He is the best person to confirm it.

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How do we go about doing this? We pray in the Name of Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm what we believe the dream or vision is saying. As born-again children of God, we operate in the same authority as Jesus Matthew He is our covering. Dreams and visions often confirm what the Spirit of God has already been speaking to the Body of Christ.

True God Servants Dream Dreams and See Visions – No True God Servant is Blind

What if God gave you the answer to the question you have been asking last night? Come and discover how God uses these messages from eternity to answer questions like: What does God want to do in this situation in my family, my job, my church, or my nation?

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What does God think about me? Are all dreams from God?

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