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Is that crazy or what? Red is the most eye-catching and exciting color in the entire spectrum. But did you know that the color red actually increases your heart rate? Be careful though, because overuse of this color can cause a negative emotional response. Probably my second favorite color. Orange is also an attention getter. Distinct from red, orange is a color that is mostly associated with fun, ambition, and youthfulness.

It is also a great color to use for accents and calls to action. Unlike red, it is not as easily overused. This is the official color of optimism and happiness.

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Studies have shown that the color yellow actually causes the release of serotonin in the brain, which is a chemical that positively stimulates your brain. This color is also best used in small amounts.

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This is the easiest color for the human eye to process. The color of trust and loyalty. Blue is associated with calmness and security. Most people would say that blue is their favorite color. It has been documented to lower heart-rate, foster relaxation, and increase productivity. Maybe this has something to do with why a billion people trust Facebook with all their most valuable information? Just a thought. This is a very safe color to incorporate into your design. A color that has traditionally been associated with royalty and prosperity. Studies have shown that the color purple actually stimulates problem solving in the human brain.

Caution though, studies have also shown that overuse of this color can give people the impression of falsehood, or being fake. Use this color as an accent, and sparingly. A solid, timeless color that communicates strength, sturdiness, and longevity.

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  • Likely because things that are grey have these same attributes: steel, concrete, stone, Apple products, etc.. You can never go wrong when incorporating this color into your design project. It can be a great alternative to white, and give things a modern, yet timeless, look.

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    Earthy and organic is what best describes this color. Dirt, trees, potatoes— all things found in the earth. When used properly, it can be a soothing element and give an organic feel to your design.

    What do colors communicate?

    The lightest color both visually and in psychological weight. It gives a light feel to your design, and is best used to give your design breathing room. Associated with purity, cleanliness and clarity I think white is a great color to incorporate into any design.

    The color of elegance, power, and authority; boldly stated and seemingly unshakeable. I am of course talking about all these colors in their most basic form.

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    • Surely a neon-green will be more attention-getting than a dull red any day of the week. So these are merely a starting point and general guide to what colors communicate. Please feel free to share! Unfortunately I have way to much to say about picking the right colors, so instead of making this post the size of a small novel, I decided to break it up over different posts. Has any of this caused you to re-think the colors you are currently using in your blog design? You can leave a comment by clicking here. A social media blogger and speaker who loves helping people tell bigger, better stories online.

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      Is that helpful in a call to action for marketing? Hi, Ridley! Good post! I actually had a client asking me about strategically using colors on their site to produce desired actions with their customers. Very useful. Rest assured you will be referenced as the source of the graphics, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Awesome Allen! If you need any further help, just reach out via my contact page.

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      Is it ok? Anyways, your article was really helpful to me, thank you! Hi Alexandru! I think your implementation is fine. There are books published about cultural differences regarding colour. I was given one when I retired from teaching. If I can find it among my books I will forward the name. I know one of the reasons that teachers are changing from red to green when marking papers is due to cultural differences in our ever changing cultural fabric. Dustin, do you know where we could find some material touching on the cultural perception of colors? For example, red in some Asian cultures is prosperity and white is for death.

      I have been looking without much luck. If you end up finding such a resource, please share it with me! Hello Dustin. Thanks for the resource. I am wondering how you arrived at these results. Do you have some resources that back up the claims here? Thanks bunches.