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Allegretto in C Major, WoO 56 by L.v. Beethoven - sheet music on MusicaNeo

O Back to Top Opferlied, Op b 2nd version featured in 1 event. Overture 'Leonore' No. Overture 'Namensfeier', Op featured in 13 events.

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Allegro featured in 1 event. Piano Quintet in E flat major featured in 1 event. Q Back to Top. Romance in G major, Op 40 featured in 21 events.

Rondino in E flat major, WoO 25 featured in 29 events. Rondo in B flat major, WoO 6 featured in 2 events. The Ruins of Athens, Op arr.

Henry Wood featured in 30 events. Septet in E flat major, Op 20 featured in 3 events. Seufzer eines Ungeliebten und Gegenliebe, WoO Sextet in E flat major, Op 71 featured in 1 event. Sextet in E flat major, Op 81b featured in 2 events. Sonata for Cello and Piano in C major, Op Sonata for Cello and Piano in D major, Op Sonata for Violin and Piano in C minor, Op String Quartet in C minor, Op String Quartet in D major, Op.

String Quartet in E flat major, Op arr.

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Colin Davis and David Matthews featured in 1 event. String Quartet in F major, Op featured in 1 event. String Quartet in F minor 'Serioso', Op 95 featured in 1 event. Symphony No. Tremate, empi, tremate, Op featured in 5 events. Trio in C major, Op 87 featured in 7 events. Triumphal March for 'Tarpeja', WoO 2a featured in 2 events. U Back to Top. X — Y Back to Top. Henry Wood featured in 2 events. The risks Kolesnikov takes with accents and stresses in the tiny Allegretto are tastefully judged again to reveal the unexpected novelty of this music.

Here this movement seems particularly feverish and restless; it disturbs as much as it impresses. The Hyperion sound is something else. In the first piece Kolesnikov conveys deadpan charm, whereas he revels in the abrupt offbeats and manic contrasts of the second.

Beethoven: Bagatelle in C Major, WoO 56 - Allegretto

If these might seem a little exaggerated to some tastes I am pretty sure the composer would have allowed himself an affectionate smirk had he been around to experience this droll account. The gentle poetry of the fourth emerges in a delightfully understated reading with a perfectly judged denouement.

One rarely hears the colour and vivacity in these seven pieces that this young Siberian projects in this spry, imaginative reading. The pair of brief Op.

They certainly occupy less emotionally fraught terrain and were presumably designed for the domestic market. Op This is a chaconne in all but name, while its harmonic structure is surely related to that of La folia. The staccati in the first variations are magical. Kolesnikov amplifies the dynamic contrasts throughout the piece, with great taste and mesmerising technique, but takes great care not to overdramatise this aspect of the work. He elicits some astonishing colours from the Steinway in the central variations.

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