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Battling evil in the courtroom by day, and in the shadows at night, Emma Sonnet is tipping the scales of justice her way, as the 10th Muse. Billionaire industrialist Grayson Bishop, charming and as deadly as a cobra, will as easily kill a rival as bury them in business.

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Now his sights are set on the 10th Muse, and he wants her dead in the worst way. She has been a comic book icon when we launched her. Cronus, Circe and Sonnet have conjured a new villainess to the mix.

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Meet Justice and she is after the Muse and her friends. The comic book will be on Amazon worldwide in print. To view on Amazon, click here! Also of note, a special new hardcover edition of the original first issue of 10th Muse comic book that was first published by Image Comics in will be available as well.

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